• Hazard Awareness.
    Accident Prevention.

Hazard Awareness.
Accident Prevention.

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About Roadflash

Roadflash is dedicated to road safety, in particular, your road safety.
Based in Nottingham in the heart of the UK, we’re committed to innovating how motorists are kept safe on the country’s roads through a number of early warning systems that prevent vehicle collisions - especially when one of those vehicles is stationary.
By thinking bigger and broader, we have developed two exciting products which will transform how motorists and their vehicles are kept safe at the side of busy motorways and highways, with plans for further new product launches in early 2022.
For us, there’s nothing more important than hazard awareness, and accident prevention.

Revolutionising breakdown safety

Motorists are advised to complete a number of actions if they break down at the side of a road. These include turning on hazard warning lights, vacating the vehicle and standing either behind motorway barriers, on embankments or at least a safe distance away from the broken down vehicle.
While these are all sensible precautions, they only benefit the stationary vehicle, its driver and passengers. These actions do not prevent a potential high speed collision between another passing vehicle and the broken down vehicle - the results of which could have life changing or life ending consequences.
There’s an estimated 3.7m* breakdowns on the UK’s roads each year - that’s a lot of hazards and potential accidents waiting to happen.

Hazard awareness.
Accident prevention.

Our team has developed innovative products which transform road safety for roadside breakdowns. These products ensure that stationary vehicles can be clearly seen day or night, from a distance, giving passing traffic enough time to change lanes and drive on safely. From vehicle wraps to torches, our product range is there to keep you and others safe and reduce the number of accidents seen across our road network.