As champions of road safety, we understand the importance of the highway code. On the 29th of January 2022 10 sections of the highway code were revised with  50 new updates and additions, with a focus to protect the most vulnerable - whether this be those walking, cycling or riding horses.

So what are these new rules? Here are the top ones we think motorists need to know. 

Hierarchy of road users (H1)- The hierarchy places pedestrians at the top of the list  proceeding with cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists cars, vans/minibuses and then large passenger vehicles/heavy goods vehicles. 

Stronger priorities for pedestrians (H2)- aimed at drivers.  The highway code now states that at a junction you have to give way to pedestrians crossing/waiting at a junction you're turning into. The old rules used to give vehicles priority. 

Priority for cyclists and horse riders when cars are turning (H3)- Motorists are to give way and not turn if to do so would cause the flow of cyclists or horse riders/drawn vehicles to stop or swerve. You should wait for a clear gap in the flow of traffic. 

Overtaking- The highway code now gives advice on passing distances. You may cross a double-white line when necessary to overtake a cyclist or horse rider if they are traveling at 10mph or less, giving 2 meters of space. If someone is cycling and they are traveling at speeds up to 30mph leave 1.5m of space.

Positioning in the road when cycling -Cyclists are advised to stay 1.5m away from the curb to maintain safety. It is also suggested that  on quiet country roads travel in the centre of the lane as well as  when in slow moving traffic and approaching junctions. Groups are also allowed to  ride two abreast but should be aware of vehicles who are trying to overtake, allowing them to do so by moving into single file when it's safe to do so. Lastly, when cyclists are going past parked cars they need to give a car door of space. 

To find the full document showcasing the highway code and the new moderations head to the Government Website.

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